iSTEAKS Diner Entrance
iSTEAKS Diner @ myVillage Entrance

iSTEAKS Diner @ myVillage Review


iSTEAKS serve good quality steaks for a competitive price. They have two types of cooking methods for their steak, steakhouse char and char-grilled. They basically have a wide selection of meat and a few selections of fish, lamb, and pork. For the price you are paying, there are no complaints about iSTEAKS.

Things I like

  • Affordable steak for the cut.
  • The steak was charred and cooked to perfection
  • Consistency in taste.
  • Food can be ordered and pay from the app which leads to an uninterrupted dining experience

iSTEAKS Diner Food & Price

iSTEAKS Diner Ribeye Steakhouse Char 250g
iSTEAKS Diner Ribeye Steakhouse Char 250g

First, we ordered their Ribeye Steakhouse Char 250g ($22.50) which is probably my favourite cut and weight as it has the right thickness and amount of protein needed to fill my stomach. The steakhouse seared was fantastic and it give a layer of crispiness and flavour to your steak.

iSTEAKS Diner Ribeye steakhouse Char 350g
iSTEAKS Diner Ribeye Steakhouse Char 350g

Next, we order their massive Ribeye Steakhouse Char 350g ($36) which can definitely be shared with your partner if you are not a very big eater. For the side, I went for their Mac & Cheese and onion ring with black pepper sauce. Personally, I prefer the 250g cut as the meat was slightly thinner which makes it easier to bite.

iSTEAKS Diner Ribeye Char-Grilled 200g
iSTEAKS Diner Ribeye Char-Grilled 200g

On another trip to iSTEAKS, I ordered their Ribeye Char-Grilled 200g ($29). I chose Mac & Cheese and asparagus as a side to go along with the black pepper-sauced steak. After trying steakhouse and char-grilled, I still can’t pick which is my favourite as I like them both. I guess it depends on my mood that day.

iSTEAKS Diner Seared Dory Fillet Battered & Fried
iSTEAKS Diner Seared Dory Fillet Battered & Fried

The Seared Dory Fillet Battered & Fried $14 was very valued for money. It comes in a thick and crispy batter with tender fish inside. Accompanied by some garlic asparagus and an onion ring. Tartar sauce is underneath the fish for those wondering.

iSTEAKS Diner Fresh Brew Kopi & Nitro Ice Lemon Tea
iSTEAKS Diner Fresh Brew Kopi & Nitro Ice Lemon Tea

For drinks, we order the Fresh Brew Kopi ($3.50) & Nitro Ice Lemon Tea ($4.00). It is a simple drink made to perfection. They even separate the sugar for the Ice Lemon Tea so you may add your own sugar level to the drink.

iSTEAKS Diner Service

Expect to queue for at least 30 minutes at iSTEAKS. It is popular even on weekday dining. That shows how many people are in love with their quality steak for its price.

Service here is quick and seamless. You can order your food and pay for it via the QR code on the table.

iSTEAKS Diner @ myVillage Location

Address: 1 Maju Ave, #02-03/04/05/06 myVillage, Singapore 556679
Opening hours: All Day – 11:0am to 11:00pm
Tel: 6285 8839
Delivery and Google Map, Website, Instagram
Other outlets Here

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