Dan's Steaks Entrance
Dan’s Steaks Entrance

Dan’s Steaks Review


Dan’s Steaks serve good quality steaks for a competitive price. Salmon was crispy on the outside and moist inside. The side dish asparagus was crunchy and flavourful. Burrata was fresh accompanied by crunchy cherry tomatoes.

Things I like

  • Affordable steak for the cut.
  • Steak was charred and cook to perfection
  • Salmon was crispy on the outside and moist inside.


  • Cocktail lacks flavour due to dilutions and mixing.

Dan’s Steaks Food & Price

Dan's Steaks Burrata
Dan’s Steaks Burrata

Their burrata dish ($18) was a good starter for us. It has the right amount of cheese and milk inside which makes the burrata smooth and creamy. The crunchy cherry tomatoes go along well with the cheese to balance out the creaminess, sweetness and sourness.

Dan's Steaks Miso Salmon
Dan’s Steaks Miso Salmon

For the main course, we order their Miso Salmon ($32) which was cooked to perfection. Intense char mark outside to give it that crips and moist on the inside. Huge asparagus flavoured with garlic and pepper to go along with the dish on the side.

Dan's Steaks Aus Ribeye MB4+
Dan’s Steaks Aus Ribeye MB4+

Of course, we order their Southern Ranges Aus Ribeye MB4+ 300g($54). The steak has a perfect char mark on the outside and cooks to perfection on the inside. Each bite was juicy and aromatic from the char. We again go for the asparagus on the side as we love it.

Dan's Steaks Keylime Pie
Dan’s Steaks Keylime Pie

For dessert, we order their Keylime Pie ($12). It reminds me of the Solero lime ice cream in terms of flavour. The crust was solid and crumbles in your mouth along with the smooth texture pie. If they could add some meringue on top would be great.

Dan’s Steaks Service

Service here was decent, we did not make any reservations so we had to wait 30 minutes to get seated. Staff at that point seems a little short. Though the waiter was constantly rushing around, they still have hospitality to check on you to ensure all meal served was to our liking.

Dan’s Steaks Location

Address: 12 Maju Ave, Singapore 556690
Opening hours: All Day except Monday – 11:30am to 2:30pm, 6:00pm to10:30pm
Tel: 9838 8147
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