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Island Penang Kitchen provides a variety of Penang food. We tried their char kway teow, prawn mee laksa, Asam laksa, cendol and it was great. All the flavors were well balanced and not too overpowering. Would highly recommend anyone Penang food lovers to come here.

Things I like

  • Authentic ingredients
  • Affordable pricing
  • Flavor is on point

Island Penang Kitchen Food & Price

Island Penang Kitchen Char Kway Teow
Island Penang Kitchen Char Kway Teow

Island Penang Kitchen’s overall food price was very reasonable for a restaurant. Their char kway teow ($6) comes with two prawns, Chinese sausage, beansprout, fishcake and pork lard. The combination of flavors plus the hint of smokiness (wok hey) makes this plate a tasty one.

Island Penang Kitchen Asam Laksa
Island Penang Kitchen Asam Laksa

One of my favorite Penang dishes, Asam Laksa ($5) has a nice balance of sour, sweet and spicy, topped with onions, cucumbers, pineapple and vegetables.

The soup was on the clearer side as there were lesser minced fish than the one you will normally get in Penang. I personally prefer it this way as I enjoyed drinking the soup clear.

Island Penang Kitchen Prawn Mee
Island Penang Kitchen Prawn Mee

The last main dish we order was their Penang prawn mee ($5). It comes with half an egg, prawns, kang kong, lean pork slices, pig skins and is topped with fried shallot. You can either choose bee hoon, yellow noodle, or mix both which is what we did.

The prawn broth was very well balanced between the prawn flavor and the spice level.

Island Penang Kitchen Cendol
Island Penang Kitchen Cendol

For dessert, we ordered their famous Penang cendol ($3). It comes with shaved ice mixed with beans and jellies. We would have preferred more coconut flavor in it but overall, it was a good dessert to end the night.

Island Penang Kitchen Service

Island Penang Kitchen service was fast. The meal was served within 10 minutes even though the restaurant was fully packed.

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