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CUT by Wolfgang Puck Review


CUT by Wolfgang Puck is a one-Michelin-starred restaurant in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Their hospitality experience from the entrance to the ending of our meal was a top-notch experience.

Medium rare 45 days dry-aged 340g longhorn rib-eye steak here is one of a kind. The steak surface is fully covered in char marks which provides an extra layer of crust and an intense flavor. Colorado lamb packs the same covered crust and intense flavor to it.

All the food we had from the warm and fluffy bread to chocolate dessert was sensational. The price was on the high side around $500, but it was definitely worth the experience.

Things I like

  • Top-notch hospitality services. The waiter greets you by name and is attentive to your needs.
  • Steak and lamb are cooked to perfection. Unique flavors from the fully covered char mark.
  • The pieces of bread served were awesome. Fluffy, warm, and taste were better than most bread you ate.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck Food

CUT by Wolfgang Puck Starter Assorted Bread
CUT by Wolfgang Puck Starter Assorted Bread
CUT by Wolfgang Puck Small Bread
CUT by Wolfgang Puck Small Bread

CUT by Wolfgang Puck starts of by give you a variety of warm bread is served on the house before your starter.

Let me tell you first, their bread is one of the best I have tasted. As soon as the bread were served, you will be able to smell the incredible aroma of fresh pieces of bread in the air.

The bread has a thin surface crust, a fluffy and buttery texture inside. As the bread is addictive, remember not to eat too much as you will want to save space in your stomach for later.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck Steak Tartare
CUT by Wolfgang Puck Steak Tartare
CUT by Wolfgang Puck Thin Bread
CUT by Wolfgang Puck Thin Bread

For starters, I order their Prime Sirloin “Steak Tartare”. It comes accompanied by a quail egg on the side, toasted bread with mustard and tartar-like condiments.

As the meat is served raw, we can really taste the freshness and tenderness of their beef. Once the quail egg is mixed, it creates a creamy texture which goes well with the beef.

Their toasted bread is a great addition to it but I preferred it without the bread to taste the full flavor of the beef.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck Asparagus
CUT by Wolfgang Puck Asparagus

I also order their asparagus with bacon and a poached egg.

Nothing too fancy about this dish but if you like asparagus, you would not be disappointed here.  

CUT by Wolfgang Puck 45 days dry age Longhorn Ribeye
CUT by Wolfgang Puck 45 days dry-age Longhorn Ribeye

For the main course, I order their 45 days dry-aged 340g longhorn rib eye steak.

Honestly, this is one of the best steaks I ever tasted. The surface of the steak is charred at a very high temperate which gives it a nice crispy surface. The inside is cooked to a perfect medium-rare, tender and flavorful.

Even though they come with a variety of sauces, I prefer the steak without any condiments.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck Colorado Lamb
CUT by Wolfgang Puck Colorado Lamb

I also order their Colorado Lamb Chops. Crispy on the outside, medium-rare on the inside.

As I am very picky with the lambs I eat, I was eager to try their lamb as well. To my surprise, this Colorado Lamb Chops was bursting with flavors that I had never experienced before. It was so good that I did not even mix it with their mint sauce.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck Cake
CUT by Wolfgang Puck Cake

I skipped dessert as I was already full at this point and also to save my wallet from further damage.

To celebrate my birthday, a complimentary chocolate dessert was served.

I normally skip chocolate desserts as I am not a fan of sweet stuff but this dessert changes my mind. The flavor was not too sweet and has a medium-hard surface while keeping the inside soft. Eating it with the cream, it just all makes sense.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck Service

Service here is one of the best experiences we had in Singapore. The hostess will welcome you at the entrance and walk you to your seat.

We were also greeted by our names and they are always ensuring you are having a great time.

Normally we would feel interrupted when the waiter keeps coming but their hospitality skills here make the whole experience seamless.

*Do make your reservation here at least two weeks in advance.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck Location

Address: 2 Bayfront Ave, B1 – 71, Singapore 018972
Opening hours: All Day – 5:00pm to 10:00pm
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