Uya Entrance
Uya Entrance

Uya Singapore Review


Uya Unagi Restaurant at Wheelock serves high-quality and fresh eel. You can’t see them kill the eel but you can peek through a small window outside the restaurant to see them handling a live eel. Uya is known for their Hitsumabushi which is basically a chopped-up eel served with condiments and a broth soup. I never liked eel that much before visiting Uya. The eel has a good crispy layer from the charcoal burn and tender fish inside.

Things I like

  • High-quality and fresh eel – Cooked over charcoal for crispy char skin and tender meat.
  • Fast Service

Uya Singapore Food & Price

Uya Small Window
Uya Small Window

Uya’s Small window for you to peek at their live eel in the kitchen. The small window is located at the side of the entrance.

Uya Hitsumabushi
Uya Hitsumabushi
Uya Hitsumabushi Full
Uya Hitsumabushi Full

As the name mention, Uya’s signature is their Hitsumabushi which comes in two size medium for $35 and Large for $48. I usually go for the large as the portion is good for 2 person. You can see the eel here is properly char using carchoal fire. It has a good cripsy layer of skin and tender fish meat inside.

It is serve with condiments such as wassabi, seaweed and spring onion. Along side the condiment it also comes with pickle and a bonito broth. You can either it the whole eel and rice by themselve or switch it up by mixing with the broth.

In a sperate small bowl provided, you can put some rice, eel, the condiments and pour some bonito broth in it.

Aside from eel, Uya also has a variety of Japanese food such as sashimi moriawase ($39-$55), Assorted Tempura ($20), and Rare Wagyu Rice Bowl ($30).

Uya Singapore Service

Service here is quick and easy. Staff here are welcoming and friendly. Food is served within 15 minutes of ordering.

Uya Singapore Location

Address: 501 Orchard Road #02-15/16 Wheelock Place, 238880
Opening hours: All Day – 11:30am to 9:45pm
Tel: 9359 0423
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