Rahmath Cheese Prata Review


Rahmath Cheese Prata is a hidden gem in Toa Payoh. Their prata is cooked fresh when you order. Each of their prata is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They are known for their cheese prata but I prefer their plain and egg prata.

Things I like

  • Cook on demand fresh prata
  • Crispy, fluffy and light prata
  • Dipping sauce given in hot temperature


  • More variety of dipping sauce. Only fish and mutton curry sauce provided.

Rahmath Cheese Prata Food & Price

Rahmath Cheese Prata - Plain Prata
Rahmath Cheese Prata – Plain Prata

Rahmath Cheese Prata is a little hidden gem in Toa Payoh. It is not overcrowded or overhypes in the prata world yet, but it tastes great. With any prata shop, I always start with the plain prata ($1.80 2 Pcs).

A good fresh plain prata consists of a crispy outer layer, light inner dough and finish off with a lightly crush prata to give it that fluffy texture. I am happy to say Rahmath check all the boxes.

Rahmath Cheese Prata also cooks their prata on demand so the prata is always fresh and hot.

With any prata, their choice of dipping is also crucial. They have only two types of dipping available; mutton and fish curry. It would be great to have more dippings such as chicken curry, dahl, and chutneys.

The mutton has a good full-body texture and is not too overpowering mutton flavor. The fish curry tastes a little on the mild side with a light body texture sauce.

Rahmath Cheese Prata - Cheese Prata
Rahmath Cheese Prata – Cheese Prata

Aside from the plain prata, we also order their famous cheese prata ($2). It is cooked in a rectangular shape and slightly on the thinner side to give it that extra crunch.

For cheese lovers, this is a must-try. As someone who loves cheese, I still prefer my plain prata over this.

However, if I were to eat it without any curry dipping, I would prefer the cheese prata as the cheese gives it a nice cheesy texture and flavor.

Rahmath Cheese Prata - Egg Prata
Rahmath Cheese Prata – Egg Prata

Lastly, we order an egg prata ($1.60). The main difference between this and the plain prata of course it the egg but also in the thickness of the prata.

It is flat and thin to provide a crunchy texture to it. The egg was well spread and fresh.

Rahmath Cheese Prata Services

Services here are quick, we got our meal within 10 minutes of ordering but we when there early morning on a weekday and there were only 1 or 2 people ahead of us.

I say is quick because all the prata are made fresh and I still can get it within 10 minutes.   

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