Lin Yu Mei Sarawak Laksa & Kolo Mee

Lin Yu Mei Sarawak Laksa & Kolo Mee Review


Lin Yu Mei Sarawak Laksa & Kolo Mee as the name suggest sell Sarawak laksa and original kolo mee. The Sarawak laksa broth tastes a little nutty and more on the milder side. They use thick rice vermicelli and provide big and fresh prawns. No authentic shrimp paste (belacan) is available. Original kolo mee was springy, aromatic and just the right consistency with their oil. Shall you crave a good bowl of kolo mee, this is the stall for you.

Things I like

  • Chicken & Egg nicely sliced
  • Fresh Ingredient
  • Kolo Mee flavours

Could Improve

  • Provide some authentic shrimp paste (belacan)
  • Refinement on the Sarawak Laksa broth

Lin Yu Mei Sarawak Laksa & Kolo Mee Food & Price

林玉梅 Sarawak Laksa & Kolo Mee - Sarawak Laksa
Sarawak Laksa
林玉梅 Sarawak Laksa & Kolo Mee - Lime and chili
Chili and Lime

Lin Yu Mei Sarawak Laksa & Kolo Mee main highlight of course is their Sarawak laksa ($6). It comes with thick rice vermicelli, 2 big prawns, an omelette, sliced chicken, beansprouts and is topped with spring onion. The only missing ingredient is the coriander leaves.

Looking at the Sarawak laksa image above, you can see the broth is on the darker side. We are not too sure if this causes the broth to taste a little nutty instead of strong tamarind and herbal taste. Flavors are still there however, I feel the broth could be improved. On a good note, the ingredient use was fresh and I like that they peel the big and fresh prawns for us.

For those who love spicy chili, the chili they serve here has a strong spicy kick. Unfortunately, there are no shrimp paste (belacan) provided here.

林玉梅 Sarawak Laksa & Kolo Mee - Original Kolo Mee
Original Kolo Mee

Lin Yu Mei Sarawak Laksa & Kolo Mee serves a good bowl of original kolo mee ($4). It comes with springy noodles mix with fried shallot oil, garlic and soya sauce. It is then top with minced pork, char siew, green onion and chili paste (Optional). It is also supposed to be topped with white pepper but I did not taste it.

The noodle was springy and the noodle has great consistency with the oil though a little dry. The minced pork had rich flavors along with the char siew. If you want a more authentic taste, you can opt out of the chili paste and take their slice of green chili with vinegar instead.

Lin Yu Mei Sarawak Laksa & Kolo Mee Service

The service was fast, we got our food served within 10 minutes of ordering. Do note that we went around 2 pm on a Saturday.

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