Ian Tau Ban Seng Sarawak Laksa

Ian Tau Ban Seng Sarawak Laksa Review


Ian Tau Ban Seng Sarawak Laksa is one of the most authentic Sarawak laksa I have tasted in Singapore. One of the most challenging parts of making Sarawak laksa is to get the same consistency from the flavor of the soup, the texture of the noodle, and the freshness of the ingredient (chicken & prawn). For the most part, Ian Tau manages to deliver a good bowl of Sarawak laksa.

Things I like

  • Authentic ingredients
  • The flavor are on point

Could Improve

  • Consistency of the soup and noodle texture

Ian Tau Ban Seng Sarawak Laksa Food & Price

Ian-Tau Ban Seng Sarawak Laksa Dish
Sarawak Laksa

Ian Tau Ban Seng Sarawak Laksa has a few different sizes from normal with 2 prawns ($5.90) to jumbo with 2 tiger prawns ($9.90). I usually just order two normal size bowls for myself.

A typical bowl of Sarawak laksa contains thick rice vermicelli, beansprouts, prawns, chicken breast, egg, calamansi, coriander, chili paste and the highlight of the dish which is the broth. The taste of Sarawak laksa broth has a fine balance of aromatic herbs and spices with a subtle hint of sourish and spicy notes.

As a Sarawakian, I am glad to find a place that serves authentic Sarawak laksa. As I have eaten here at least a dozen times, I notice the consistency is their greatest challenge. On rare occasions, the soup can be a little diluted and the noodle can be a little overcooked.

Nitpicking here, I would also prefer the chicken to be a little bigger as sometimes the chicken was peeled so small that the texture of the chicken becomes lumpy. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best Sarawak laksa in Singapore.

Ian Tau Ban Seng Sarawak Laksa Service

The usual waiting time is only 10 minutes. However, there are occasions whereby the waiting time can be extended to 30 minutes. The buzzer will be given for self-collection once the meal is ready.

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