Just Sarawak Laksa Bishan – More than Just Sarawak Laksa

Just Sarawak Laksa Bishan Review


Just Sarawak laksa offers more than just Sarawak laksa. They sell a variety of common Sarawak food such as Sarawak laksa, kolo mee, ka cang ma, pork meatball & tomato noodles. The Sarawak laksa here was decent but we would have preferred using thicker bee hoon & filter the soup for a more authentic experience. The kolo mee noodle had a good texture but lacking a little oil and a denser flavor. A good place to come for Sarawakian who crave more than just Sarawak laksa itself.

Things I like

  • Chicken & Egg nicely sliced
  • Fresh Ingredient
  • Variety of Sarawak food

Could Improve

  • Soup filtration & choice of bee hoon for the Sarawak laksa
  • Deeper flavor & more oil for the kolo mee

Just Sarawak Laksa Food & Price

Just Sarawak Laksa Dish
Sarawak Laksa
Just Sarawak Laksa Lime Belacan
Sambal Belacan and Lime

Just Sarawak Laksa main highlight of course is their Sarawak laksa ($6). To our disappointment, the noodle used was the thin bee hoon instead of the more authentic thick bee hoon.

We usually use thick bee hoon as it does not suck up the laksa soup and this keeps the bee hoon texture to be springy. The soup of the Sarawak laksa to my taste needed a little more filtration as we still can feel the tiny prawn residue. On a good note, the ingredient use was fresh and I appreciate the effort to nicely slice the chicken & egg.

They were also generous with giving a full lime along with the sambal. This is a different kind of sambal whereby the texture is a little chunky rather than a paste.

Just Sarawak Laksa Kolo Mee
Original Kolo Mee

Just Sarawak Laksa has a few different kinds of kolo mee ($4/$5) which are original, chili and black.

The noodle was springy though a little dry. The minced pork had rich flavors along with the char siew. It was overall a good bowl of noodles but just slightly lacking in the intensity of the flavor.

We did not manage to try the other foods they provide this round so we may return in the future to try it.

Just Sarawak Laksa Service

The service was fast as we arrive just before 12pm. Once we were seated down with our meal, there was a long queue forming up. Good thing their food preparation is rather quick.

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