Gold Kolo Mee Ju Xiong Review


Gold Kolo Mee or Ju Xiong has a different name offline and online, so I am just going to put both together. Only reviewing the Sarawak dish here. Their star dish, Kolo mee portion was generous and the taste was authentic though a little salty.

The noodle was springy, well coated with oil, and flavorful. The Sarawak Laksa taste was more on the earthier/herby and unfortunately uses a thin kind of rice vermicelli. 

Things I like

  • Generous portion of kolo mee noodles
  • Sarawak Laksa Broth is more on the herby/earthier side which packs a punch of flavor into it

Could Improve

  • Choice of Sarawak Laksa rice vermicelli (To use thicker version)
  • Branding consistency as the name on the board is different from their online name.
  • Reduce Kolo Mee Saltiness

Gold Kolo Mee Ju Xiong – Food & Price

Gold Kolo Mee Sarawak Laksa
Sarawak Laksa

Gold Kolo Mee’ Sarawak Laksa comes in a standard size ($5.50).

A typical bowl of Sarawak Laksa contains rice vermicelli, beansprouts, prawns, chicken breast, egg, calamansi, coriander, chili paste and the highlight of the dish which is the broth. The taste of Sarawak Laksa broth has a fine balance of aromatic herbs and spices with a subtle hint of sourish and spicy notes.

The Sarawak Laksa Broth is more on the herby/earthier side which packs a punch of flavor into it. The prawns given are smaller, but they do give more prawns. 

Unfortunately, they use the thin rice vermicelli instead of a thicker version. This is a turn-off for me as this type of noodle sucks up the broth and gives it a thick and soggy texture.

Their Sarawak belacan which is supposed to go well with the dish is not needed here as the broth itself has a strong flavor to it. 

Gold Kolo Mee Original
Original Kolo Mee

Aside from their Sarawak Laksa, we also order the original kolo mee ($4.80). They do serve other flavors of kolo mee such as red noodles and black noodles.

The original kolo mee comes with noodles fried shallot oil, garlic, and soya sauce. It is then top with minced pork, char siew, green onion, white pepper, and cut chili.

The char siu was sweet and tender while the minced pork was a little on the saltier side. The noodle was springy and well coated with oil which some might or might not like. Personally, I rather it oily than dry.  

Gold Kolo Mee Ju Xiong Service

Service here is quick, got my food within 10 minutes of queuing. Unlike the Sarawak shop nearby here, there is little to no waiting time queuing here.

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